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Annual Audit Presentation, Community Gardeners and New Employee Introductions set for Jan. 17 Work Session


We hope you will join us Tuesday, Jan. 17 for the Clayton Town Council work session beginning 6:30 p.m. at The Clayton Center, 111 East Second Street in Downtown Clayton.

At the work session, the Council will set its agenda for the Feb. 6 meeting and take a first look at the matters up for consideration. Routine and otherwise uncontroversial items may be grouped together on the Feb. 6 Consent Agenda, which the Council approves without further discussion at regular meetings.

While the Council isn't scheduled to vote on anything, the work session will be used to receive an annual audit report, recognize the gardeners at the Clayton Community Center and introduce three new employees.

You can view the full agenda packet online here, or click here to download a PDF copy. Here are the highlights:

Audit Report Presentation

Ken Anderson of Anderson Smith & Wike PLLC will deliver his annual independent audit of the Town's finances for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2016.

The bottom line: Clayton received a "good report."

Clayton Community Center Gardeners

Back in 2005, Town of Clayton Parks & Recreation Director Larry Bailey teamed up with the N.C. Cooperative Extension to begin community gardening classes in response to calls from the community. The program started out as a once-a-year class held in a classroom of The Clayton Center.

A few years later, the opening of the Clayton Community Center provided a new outdoor space and – thanks to two Eagle Scout projects building garden boxes and compost bins – the Clayton Community Garden was born in 2011. Two grants from N.C. Blue Cross Blue Shield and the N.C. Recreation and Park Association helped expand the garden. Now, six years later, that tiny spot of land behind the center is now a massive community garden – complete with multiple growing areas, a 14-foot-by-14-foot greenhouse, bee hives and annual output of vegetables exceeding 3,000 pounds each year.

That’s more than a ton of fresh grown tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, corn, squash, zucchini, peas and more – which is then harvested and donated to the local food bank, Clayton Area Ministries.

It’s also become a place local businesses and community organizations come for team-building, and where dozens of budding gardeners attend 10-week classes (now taught 3 times a year!) to hone their horticulture skills to create beautiful gardens of their own. The Mayor & Town Council know this growing community garden would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers, many of whom are master gardeners. They tend each day to this vibrant patch of land next to our recreation center and invest significant time and dedication in the care of each and every flower and plant they put in the ground.

At Tuesday's work session, our Town Council will formally recognize these volunteers and thank them for continuing to nurture and grow such a wonderful community asset. 

Introducing New Employees

Supervisors will introduce three new employees to the Town Council. They are: parks maintenance specialist Stephen Browne; wastewater plant operator Kenneth Straub; and vehicle maintenance technician Steve Hoag.

Setting the Feb. 6 Agenda

The Town Council will take a first look at the following items and consider placing them on the Feb. 6 agenda:

Public Input for 2017-18 Town Budget

As Town staff begins work on the 2017-18 budget, Town Manager Adam Lindsey would like to give the public a chance to share its thoughts on how Clayton should prioritize spending. In the past, Clayton has given the public a chance to weigh-in at the end of the budget process. Going forward, Lindsay would like to open the floor for comments at both the beginning and end of the process.

The Village at Little Creek (154 Houses South of Brittany Woods Neighborhood)

Triangle Real Estate Company seeks to build 154 single-family houses on two different parcels on either side of Dairy Road just south of the Brittany Woods subdivision. The applicant is asking to rezone 22.44 acres of land to Residential-8 (R-8) from Residential-Estate (R-E) to match the other 22 acres proposed in this subdivision, which are already zoned R-8. The change allows for the development 6,000-8,000 square-foot single-family residential lots. The developer plans to ask for annexation of the portion of this land that is located within the Town's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), so that those homes can receive Town of Clayton water and sewer services.

The Town Council will take a first look at the rezoning request and the site plan, and consider setting two separate public hearings for them on Feb. 6.

The future Southern Connector - which will connect N.C. 42 East and N.C. 42 West - is set to run directly through the middle of the two parcels. The proposal would connect this new development to the existing Brittany Woods neighborhood via Marrian Drive. A traffic analysis shows the development would increase traffic by 7 percent during the morning and peak afternoon hours at intersection of Barber Mill Road and N.C. 42.

Lottery Machine Warehousing in Ashley/Chloe's Furniture Building

Cameron Sullivan's seeks a special-use permit to allow a freight movement and warehousing operation in a portion of the building at 9257 U.S. 70 Business that previously housed Ashley Furniture and then Chloe's Furniture.

On Tuesday, the Town Council will consider setting a Feb. 6 public hearing for the request.

If granted the permit, the owner would lease 40,000 square feet of the 110,000-square-foot building to IGT Global Solutions Corp., which would use the space to receive, repackage and ship lottery machines. The lease would run through April 30.

The use would not affect Nick's Flippin' Kids, which was granted a special-use permit in 2015 to operate in the 30,000 square feet at the front of the building.

The permit is required because the 8.33 acres that houses the Ashley/Chloe's Furniture Building is zoned as a Highways Business Special-Use District (B-3 SUD). Mooring Capital Fund LLC owns the building.

The Planning Board reviewed the request on Dec. 20 and recommended the Town Council approve it.

Annex Request for 61 acres at Glen Laurel/Powhatan (Gordon Properties)

CGC Properties LLC and Powhatan Road Limited Partnership seek annexation of 13 parcels totaling 61.3 acres located east of Glen Laurel Road between Vinson and Powhatan roads.

On Tuesday, the Town Council will consider setting a Feb. 6 public hearing for the annexation request.

The land will be developed into a 177 subdivision. On Dec. 7, 2015, the Town Council approved a site plan for the 12.32 acres of the land that fall inside the Town's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) – a rezoned that land to Residential-8 (R-8) from Residential-Estate (RE).

Award Bid for Wastewater Disinfection System

George Raper & Son Inc. of Garner made the lowest bid of $244,000 for the construction work on the Town's replacement project for the ultraviolet disinfection system at Little Creek wastewater treatment plant.

The Council will review this item and consider placing on its the Feb. 6 Consent Agenda for approval.

The project will replace our aging Trojan UV 3000 system, which was installed in 1999, with a new Trojan UV 3000 Plus. The new system would replace a unit that has become obsolete, cost less to operate and meet new state requirements for redundancy.

On Nov. 7, the Town Council approved a sole-source bidding process for the new equipment. The bill came to $312,000. Staff also looked at UV disinfection systems from Wedeco and Aquionics, they said, but the Town's plant is already built to accommodate Trojan equipment. The costs of refitting the wastewater plant to use another vendor are high, staff said, which is why they proposed a sole-source bid to move forward with Trojan. 

The Town’s budget for fiscal year 2016-17 includes $680,000 for the entire project.

Need More Info?

If you have any questions about the agenda or any other Town-related issues, please feel free to email Public Information Officer Stacy Beard or call her at 919-358-0348. You may also email Assistant Public Information Officer John Hamlin or call him at 919-480-0170.
Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you Tuesday night.

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