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Library Director Introduction, Constitution Week and New Employees on Monday's Work Session Agenda


We hope you will join us Monday, Sept. 18 for the Clayton Town Council work session beginning 6:30 p.m. at The Clayton Center, 111 East Second Street in Downtown Clayton.

At the work session, the Council will set its agenda for the Oct. 2 meeting and take a first look at the matters up for consideration. While the Council isn't scheduled to vote on anything, the work session is used to receive special reports and introductions.

You can view the full agenda packet online here, or click here to download a PDF copy. Here are the highlights:

Introducing Library Director Joy Garretson and Informal Meet-and-Greet at Library

The Council will receive and introduction to Joy Garretson, who started work Sept. 5 as director of Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library, located across the street from The Clayton Center at 100 S. Church St.

Before Monday's Council meeting, we invite the public to drop by the library between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. for an informal meet-and-greet with Garretson.

Garretson comes to the Town of Clayton with a decade of experience as an educator and librarian, including expertise in digital resources and library programming aimed at making communities better places to live for all ages. 

“I wanted to be somewhere people have a great sense of community and are excited to try the new,” said Garretson, who explored Clayton before applying for the job to lead our library. “I know Clayton is growing, but I just think I will feel at home here in a town this size. I want to know everybody!” 

Constitution Week Proclamation

Gayenell Gull will request a proclamation to mark Sept. 17, 2017 as the 230th anniversary of the drafting of the U.S. Constitution by the Constitutional Convention, and to proclaim the week of Sept. 17 through Sept. 23 as Constitution Week in Clayton.

Gull is regent of the Smith-Brian Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, which is located in Smithfield.

More Town Employee Introductions

The Council will meet four more of the Town's newest hires: property maintenance worker Joseph Nelligan; property maintenance worker Jose Cantu; administrative support specialist Lauren Lambert; wastewater treatment plant operator Salvadore Baldiviezo Jr.

The Council will also hear from Wesley Harris, who recently earned promotion to senior line technician.

Setting Oct. 2 Public Hearings

The Town Council will take a first look at the following items and consider scheduling public hearings for them on the Oct. 2 agenda:

The Lofts at Old Town Hall

CommunitySmith LLC seeks a special-use permit to re-develop the historic brick building at 231 E. 2nd St., which has variously served the Town of Clayton as our town hall, public library, police station and fire station since its construction in 1928.

The Planning Board recommended approval of the special-use permit on Aug. 28.

The applicant has submitted plot and floor plans for the project, which would be approved at the staff level if the special-use permit were to be granted. That's because the development would occur within an existing building, so it is considered a minor site plan.

Currently, the plans show up to 16 single-bedroom apartments to be developed within the existing building, which has three stories including a sub-basement. The complex would require 16 parking spaces for residents and four for guests, which would be located in the existing Town of Clayton municipal lot at the corner of Barbour and Horne streets. There are also plans to formalize six more spots on the one-way section of Barbour Street near the Clayton Police Department. There would be one required handicap parking spot directly in front of the building. The parking plan remains to be finalized.

Located on the corner of Barbour and East Second streets, the historic building has been underutilized since 2002, when Town Hall moved down Second Street to our current location in The Clayton Center. The Council declared the property as surplus in May 2016 and rezoned it to B-1 Central Business in August 2016. On June 5, the Council granted staff authorization to transfer the building to the Clayton Downtown Development Association. On Sept. 5, the Council approved a development agreement with CommunitySmith LLC for the property.

"It's been a difficult project," Planning Director Dave DeYoung said at the Aug. 28 Planning Board meeting. "The benefits are huge - the complications of the tightness of the space, the lot, and the parking - have been something we've been working through for literally a year."

Noise Ordinance Changes

Town staff proposes a number of changes to the Town's rules prohibiting unnecessary or unusually loud noises. Most significantly, the new rules would define "nighttime" as 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. instead of 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.

The new rules would also specifically prohibit the collection of garbage or recyclables at night except in industrial areas, as well as the creation of loud or excessive noise in connection with loading or unloading of any vehicle, or the opening and destruction of bales, boxes, crates and containers.

The new ordinance would provide for the Town and its contractors to do work – such as garbage collection, street sweeping, leaf blowing and power washing – in the "Central Business District (Main Street area)" before businesses open. Exceptions would also be allowed for work that would otherwise cause traffic jams or lengthy service delays.

Avery Farm: 20-House Subdivision on Guy Road

Adams & Hodge Engineering seeks major subdivision approval of its plan to develop 20 single-family house lots on 18.64 acres owned by Sam H. Avery at 1872 Guy Road. That's located north of the Lee Forest and White Oak Plantation neighborhoods. (Note: The staff report shows plans for 21 lots, but the latest site plan shows 20.)

The land is located in the Town's extraterritorial jurisdiction, and the developer, Techtwood LLC, does not plan to request annexation into Town limits. The houses would receive electricity from Duke Energy Progress, water from Johnston County and use private septic tanks for sewer. The streets would be built to N.C. Department of Transportation standards and the Town would not annex them.

The applicant has requested waivers from the Town's requirements to build curb and gutter along new streets in the development (§155.602(B)(1)), as well as the Town's requirement to build sidewalks (§155.602(H)(1)). In other words, the developer does not want to build any curbs, gutters or sidewalks.

The Planning Board recommended approval of the plan on Aug. 28.

Bannister Property: Rezoning a Vacant Storage Lot off U.S. 70 Business

Adams & Hodge Engineering PC seeks rezoning of 6.04 acres on Ramblewood Drive – located off  U.S. 70 Business behind Simon's Auto Sales and east of Coopers R.V. Park – to I-1 SUD Industrial-Light Special Use District. Owned by D & S Properties LLC, the land is currently zoned I-2 SUD Industrial-Heavy Special Use District and R-E Residential-Estate.

The property previously held a special-use permit for an outdoor storage operation, but that expired and the land has fallen vacant.

Under the project name Bannister Outdoor Storage, the applicant has separately submitted two applications – a major site plan and a special-use permit – that would allow the site to operate as an outdoor storage yard for miscellaneous storage, including RVs, utility trailers, vehicles, boats and containers. The Planning Board will review those applications on Oct. 23.

The Planning Board recommended approval of the rezoning on Aug. 28.

Annexation of Grand Plaza LLC (Lidl Grocery Store)

Grand Plaza LLC has requested the Town annex 3.42 acres at 12856 U.S. 70 Business. That's located across U.S. 70 Business from Walmart – between the Hardee's in Grand Plaza shopping center and McLaurin funeral home. The land currently contains an abandoned Camptown RV dealership.

On June 25, the Planning Board approved Lidl U.S. Operations' plans to develop a single-story, 36,000-square-foot grocery store on the site.

Founded in 1973, Lidl operates more than 10,000 stores in 27 countries throughout Europe. The company officially entered the U.S. market on June 15, when its first 10 stores opened in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina. Lidl plans to open up to 100 East Coast stores by next summer, according to a press release.

Click here for more info on the planned development.

Rezoning a House on Barber Mill Road

Jason Meadows seeks rezoning of 1.28 acres located at 3049 Barber Mill Road to R-E Residential-Estate from B-2 Neighborhood Business.

The property, owned by Richard Meadows, received the B-2 zoning designation when it came into the Town's extraterritorial jurisdiction because it had been used for an automotive repair shop. Currently, the land contains a single-family house that is being used as a residence.

The surrounding land is zoned R-E Residential-Estate and contains single-family houses. The rezoning would create consistency with the surrounding land and prepare the property for future sale.

The Planning Board recommended approval of the rezoning on Aug. 28.

Setting the Oct. 2 Consent Agenda

While the Council does not vote at work sessions, routine and otherwise uncontroversial items may be grouped together onto a Consent Agenda, which the Council approves together in a single vote at the following meeting. Here are the items up for consideration:

  • Two budget amendments for the Clayton Police Department. The first would allocate $17,147 of federal drug seizure funds and $8,191 of state drug seizure funds for "expenditures to enhance law enforcement activities." The second would allocate $9,845 of fund balance to purchase water barricades that would increase safety at special events and other road closures.
  • An ordinance adjusting water and sewer capacity fees to reflect increases implemented by Johnston County Utilities. If approved, the water capacity fee would rise to $3.90 per gallon from $3.25 per gallon, and the sewer capacity fee would increase to $8.46 per gallon from $6.00 per gallon. The ordinance would also provide for the Town to adjust its rates in the future to match changes adopted by Johnston County Utilities. Capacity fees are charged to users who build new connections to the water and sewer systems.
  • The 2018 holiday schedule for Town employees, which is provided by the State of North Carolina, and the 2018 schedule for Town Council meetings.
  • Appointment of Andria Merritt to fill a vacant seat on the Planning Board. Merritt lives in Downtown Clayton, according to her application, and has experience with government regulations and engineering drawings through her work as a hydrogeologist for the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality.

Need More Info?

If you have any questions about the agenda or any other Town-related issues, please feel free to email Public Information Officer Stacy Beard or call her at 919-358-0348. You may also email Assistant Public Information Officer John Hamlin or call him at 919-480-0170.

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you Monday night.

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